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New Patients

Welcome to Allied Chiropractic where you will be greeted by name. We think you’ll find that our practice is warm and comfortable. You might feel like you’re walking into a friend or family member’s home. It’s our desire that you feel like you’re exactly where you need to be.

Your First Visit

Spine illutrationYou can complete your paperwork online, or we can send it to you in an email. If you prefer, you also can come in earlier and complete it in the office. We’ll then get your history, and Dr. Dustin will perform an examination.

He typically won’t adjust that day but will provide some home care and also offer electric stim therapy. The reason you won’t get adjusted on the first day is that he wants to understand your history and go over the exam findings. He then will provide recommendations that are specific to your needs.

X-rays aren’t taken in the office. If we feel they are necessary, you will be sent out to a company here in town. You also will be sent home with recommendations. This appointment takes 45 minutes to an hour. Please plan to wear loose or comfortable clothing.
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Day Two: Report of Findings

When you return for this appointment, we will take you to our report of findings/examination room and describe to you what the day’s going to entail. Dr. Dustin will communicate the chiropractic philosophy to you and discuss the communication highway.

We will discuss your health state based on your history and examination. Then, Dr. Dustin will go through the treatment protocol or recommendations with you. If you agree to proceed, we will provide a chiropractic adjustment and perform any passive therapy. This therapy could include electric muscle stim or ultrasound that may be warranted for that day. You’ll then go to front desk and get scheduled for your treatment recommendations.

Do I Have to Go for Life?

Not in our office.

My job is to educate patients the best I can about where they want to go and what they want to do. Their job is to decide where they want to go and how much of us they want.Dr. Dustin Emblom

Dr. Emblom also has ongoing conversations with his patients about wellness. The bottom line is we want you to choose the care that’s best for you. We will support you either way.

Our warm and inviting practice is the ideal place to begin your healing journey! Book an appointment today. We accept insurance.

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