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Chiropractic Care

stones stacked upon each otherDuring each patient’s report of findings visit, Dr. Dustin uses a simplistic picture that he draws of the head and the word “brain” in it. He’ll then depict a body using two arrows — one going to the head and one going out.

He will explain that we live life through our five senses. We take that information all the way up to the brain, and the brain regurgitates it, and we get a plus or negative response. We want that communication highway to work at 100 percent all of the time.

That communication highway also goes to and from the heart, the intestines and the muscles. Sometimes we get roadblocks along the highway, which are called subluxations. They come in three forms: thoughts, traumas and toxins that we put into our bodies.

Dr. Dustin’s job as a chiropractor is to not only manage those subluxations to get you well but control them over the long run to keep you well.

Get More Out of Life

While chiropractic care is ideal for helping to relieve headaches, back pain, neck pain, elbow tendonitis and more, it’s also an effective way to help people get back to all those activities in life they love. Whether you want to feel great so you can enjoy your favorite sports or hobbies without pain or simply have the energy to be a better parent, we can help.

The New Patient Journey

When you begin care, we will see you twice a week or three times a week for four weeks. At the end of that month, we will reexamine you doing range of motion and orthopedic testing. If Dr. Dustin sees significant improvements, he’ll determine if you want to continue with active care. He’ll also discuss what wellness care means to you.

Our Techniques

In addition to using Diversified, a manual technique, Dr. Dustin provides myofascial care and many other tools in his toolbox. These include passive therapies or muscle care to facilitate healing.

Chiropractic’s Excellent Track Record

If you’ve never tried chiropractic and are hesitant, you should know that, according to numerous studies, the chiropractic adjustment is highly safe and effective; there is relatively little risk associated with it.

Experience better health and a fuller life with safe, drug-free chiropractic care. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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