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About Us

Dr. Dustin Emblom graduated from chiropractic college in 2009 and got licensed in Minnesota in August of that year. He took over Allied Chiropractic in July 2010. A native of Little Falls, he felt that Central Minnesota chose him more than he selected the area.

“I always had thoughts of going back to the Twin Cities. I then met my wife and found my practice and realized that Central Minnesota is a great place to live.”

Our Practice Philosophy

At our family and wellness care practice, our aim is to serve and inspire patients to find their better selves so that they can enjoy what’s most important to them.

“I like to inspire and educate people to get well. Chiropractic is an excellent and cost-effective way to treat neck and low back pain as well as headaches.”

Discovering True Health Care

While conventional medicine looks to drugs and surgery as solutions, chiropractic care aims to help people enjoy genuine health, naturally. We encourage you to focus your efforts on taking actions to achieve health and stay well. Dr. Dustin just uses his hands to perform an adjustment that gives the body the proper environment to heal itself.

When that healing takes place, you will be able to participate in the various activities in life that are meaningful to you. Such activities could include working, volunteering, being active in your church or engaging in your favorite sport or hobby.


Providing Hope and Results

We’ve had patients come in who have been down other avenues and haven’t gotten the results they’ve wanted. They’ve lost their hope. And for us to intently listen to them when they haven’t been listened to in the past makes a difference. We also obtain each patient’s history and provide an examination followed by treatment recommendations. It’s gratifying to give patients not only some hope but results so they can find their best self, be their best self and do what’s most important to them.

Experience true health with safe and natural chiropractic care. Book an appointment today at our chiropractic care center!

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